Welcome to Tsaritsyn! Welcome to Stalingrad!

Welcome to the hero-city of Volgograd - the city of three names and unique destiny! Since after all Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad - Volgograd are just three ages/dimensions of the same city.

It is known to the world as Stalingrad. (entered into history) This city became the scene of the great Battle of Stalingrad - the most devastating battle in the history of the mankind. Turning point in the course of the WWII. It was here that the Soviet warriors for ever stopped Hitler's army and started their way to immortality. It is the location of the Honorary Sword of Stalingrad presented by King George VI of the United Kingdom with inscription "TO THE STEEL-HEARTED CITIZENS OF STALINGRAD THE GIFT OF KING GEORGE VI IN TOKEN OF THE HOMAGE OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE". It was burnt to ashes by "the arch enemy of civilization" (a message from Coventry) but rose from ashes to become a symbol of valor and courage of the Soviet warriors.

Volgograd today - is a big industrial and cultural center of Russia. But when strolling around you would suddenly hear the hoofs of the Golden Horde and cannonade of Pugachev's army and then come across the palace of the formidable Khan Baty and the white - bricked church where the future Ataman Stepan Razin was baptised. And in the modern city would find yourself in the young Tsaritsyn - the fortress to protect the southern Russian borders and the stronghold of Orthodoxy.

Come to visit the city of Volgograd! And we will together solve the mysteries of historical events, indulge into the charm of ancient legends and myths. Will hear the "voice" of the main height of Russia - the Mamayev Hill. We will discover the history of valor and courage - the history of the great Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 and visit it top battlefields of fierce fighting against invading fascists.

Come to visit the city of Volgograd! City - a frequent participant in the Guinness Book of Records. Home to the one of the 7 Wonders of Russia - the Mamayev Hill and sculpture "The Motherland Calls!". The World Cup 2019 Host city. The city where ruins speak out.

The city that saved the world.

Only for you our highly qualified guides have developed the most exciting tour routes in the most advanced formats and are eager to share with you their knowledge about Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad - Volgograd both in Russian and foreign languages. We offer to see the list of the most popular tours and destinations. And please remember - your comfort and good mood is our priority!

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Experience the most popular tours of Volgograd and Volgograd region with your knowledgable and entertaining tour guide to discover the secrets of the city unknown to most locals! And enjoy!

1. The sightseeing tour “The Hero-City of Volgograd” - the best historical tour of Volgograd introducing you to the history of the great Battle of Stalingrad and the top Battlefields including the famous Mamayev Hill.

Tour Type: Walking and Speedy Tram Tour
Duration: 3,5 h
Price: 4 000 RUB and a tram round ticket

Optional: Walking and Bus Tour
Duration: 3,5 h
Price: 6 000 RUB


2. Tour to the southern districts of Volgograd and the HISTORICAL AND ETHNOGRAPHIC AND ARCHITECTURAL MUSEUM-RESERVE “The Old Sarepta” in the Krasnoarmejsky district of Volgograd which will introduce you to the Volga-Don Channel and a former German’s colony of the 18 century and much more!

Tour Type: – Bus and Walking Tour
Duration: 5 h
Distance covered: 60 km
Price: 6 000 RUB


3. Rossoshka Military Memorial Cemetery

Tour Type – Bus and Walking Tour in the Volgograd Oblast
Duration: 3,5 h
Distance covered: 70 km
Price: 6 200 RUB


The Museum of Cossack Household (the Cossack Hut) Journey to the Cossacks! – An entertaining and a very informative trip to the Don area with a visit to the Cossack hut of the 19 century with additional special welcome form Cossacks and optional horse riding.

Tour Type – Bus and Walking Tour in the Volgograd Oblast
Duration: 6 h
Distance covered: 140 km
Price: 6 500 RUB

At additional price and upon request – Cossack Welcoming and Admission to the Cossacks


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